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tie dye ninjas

Initial Roadmap

Initial Launch
Sale will take place on the TDN website. Each Tie Dye Ninja owner will retain full commercial rights of each owned Tie Dye Ninja for as long as ownership is retained.
Initial Launch
25% Sale

Randomly selected collectors will be chosen to receive FREE “Tie Dye Ninja UNI-TEE.” We will reveal plans for the full Tie Dye Ninja genesis merch line, in which all TDN holders will receive discounts and free monthly giveaways. We are working with some of the best Fabric Dyers in the industry. If we can dream it we can wear it!

25% Sale
50% Sale
The “Vibe Guru” recruitment process will begin. Vibe Gurus will serve as TDN Discord and community leaders, will get laced up from head to toe in TDN gear, and will consult with our community on future projects, channels and overall direction.
50% Sale
75% Sale
We begin scheduling monthly Tie Dye Ninja metaverse Parties. There will be live DJ’s with big names who are associated with the TDN collective that will make appearances and put on a show, and there will be scavenger hunts to win unique prizes and additional NFT’s related to the TDN collection. (You must be A TDN holder to receive party favors). Sets from parties will be recorded and uploaded to the Tie Dye Ninja curated Soundcloud.
75% Sale
100% Sale
  • Reveal party in Crypto Voxels!
  • The TDN devs will secure metaverse land to build the official metaverse version of the Dojo Garden and will look into securing additional plots in most major lands in order to bring our community to all corners of the metaverse.
  • We have partnerships lined up with some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry to curate monthly events and bring the best vibes to the metaverse and IRL events in a few major cities. Ownership of a TDN will grant exclusive rights to these events.
  • Once the Dojo Garden is at full capacity, the floor is open to the community to discuss and determine additional plans for the TDN direction. We can’t wait to build the TDN community with all of you!
100% Sale
Long Story Short

Tie Dye Ninjas are an ongoing blockchain art, music, culture and fashion project. We will create new and exciting content monthly to bring our community the best vibes in the metaverse. Our main priority is creating a safe space for everyone to actively explore their own creativity, encourage each other’s ideas and pursue the embodiment of our highest selves – all while having an absolute blast interacting with the possibilities NFTs make available to all of us.

Long Story Short

tie dye ninjas

Meet the collective

tie dye ninjas

we Got answers

The Tie Dye Ninjas are a collection of 7,777 unique cosmic, psychedelic, warriors of peace. The Tie Dye Ninjas came into existence to keep the vibe high and nurture a collective consciousness across all races and species by honoring and preserving art, music, fashion, and psychedelic culture. The Tie Dye Ninjas are not just avatars. Owning a TDN is a symbol of respect, inclusivity, and creativity. Upon Minting your Tie Dye Ninja, you are formally initiated into the Dojo Garden and officially become a Warrior of Peace on behalf of the TDN community. The Tie Dye Ninjas collective is the cosmic NFT home for all responsible psychedelic explorers, spiritually centric beings, and mental health advocates.

September 2nd at 1 pm EST.

All Tie Dye Ninjas Are .07 ETH + Gas (No bonding curve or FOMO pricing)
Tie Dye Ninjas will be available for purchase through initial sale on the TDN website. Upon purchase, Tie Dye Ninjas will be randomly blind minted on the Ethereum Blockchain, delivered to your Metamask wallet and can be viewed on your Open Sea account.
All Tie Dye Ninjas have been algorithmically generated by combining numerous properties within a rarity spectrum. Layers include: Background, Weapons, Base Character, Mouth, Hair/Hat, Tattoos, Eye Wear, Butterfly Wings, Piercings, Gee Color, Necklace, and finally, a little shoulder pet friend.
The TDN collective will be the project with the best vibes in the metaverse. TDN will secure multiple plots in all major meta-verse platforms, host various parties and events, release numerous apparel lines, and much more. Will the TDN universe be gamified? Expanded into an episodic series? Or collaborate with other like-minded NFT projects? We want to work with the community and explore all the options the TDN universe provides.

Tie Dye Ninjas are cosmic, psychedelic, warriors of peace. TDNs came into existence to keep the vibe high and nurture a collective consciousness across all races and species. A collection of 7,777 Tie Dye Ninjas. Honoring and Preserving art, music, fashion, and psychedelic culture.

  • Step 1. Download the Metamask web extension for Google Chrome or Brave Browser. Make sure to pin your Metamask extension to your browser.
  • Step 2. Buy Ethereum on an exchange. Coinbase is most commonly used but you can also buy ETH through Bincance, Paypal, and more.
  • Step 3. Send ETH from exchange to your Metamask wallet. Simply copy and paste your meta mask wallet address into the recipient slot on exchange and enter the amount you’d like to transfer.
  • Step 4. On launch date visit our website and connect Metamask wallet. (Little orange fox in top right hand corner of browser extensions). Simply Sign in if asked.
  • Step 5. Click “Buy Now” on our website. Enter the number of TDNs you’d like to purchase and confirm Metamask transactions. Welcome to the Dojo Garden!

We appreciate your being here with us and we’d love to connect with you about any inquiries or questions you may have. Click the Email Icon in the footer or header to send an email or contact us on Discord.

tie dye ninjas

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